February 9th       Dupont Bar & Grill                                                         9:30-1:30                       Ft. Wayne

March 9th           American Legion 241                                                    7:30-11:30                      Waynedale / Ft. Wayne

March 17th         Beamer's Sport Bar                                                       9:30-1:30                       Ft. Wayne-Arcola

March 31st         Wacky Jac's                                                                   9:30-1:30                       Angola

April 7th             Beamer's Bike Blessing After Party                               1:30-5:30                       Ft. Wayne-Arcola

April 21st           Navy Club 245                                                                7:00-11:00                      New Haven

April 28th           Bo Shepards Birthday Boogie / Dannys Sports Bar      9:00-1:00                        Lake Barbee

May 19th            Beamer's Sports Bar                                                     9:30-1:30                       Ft. Wayne-Arcola

May26th             Lykin's Nite B4 Indy 500 Race Party                              8:00-12:00                      Indianapolis

June 8th            American Legion 241                                                     7:30-11:30                      Waynedale / Ft. Wayne

June 30th          Dupont Bar & Grill                                                          9:30-1:30                        Ft. Wayne

July 14th           Wacky Jac's                                                                   9:30-1:30                        Angola

July 21st            Beamer's Sports Bar                                                      9:30-1:30                        Ft. Wayne-Arcola

July 28th           Bare Butt Bike Rally / Sun Shower C.C.                         8:00-12:00                      Centerville, IN

August 4th         HOG Pharm Bike Rally                                                  8:00-12:00                       Orland

August 18th       Russ Barn & Grille /  Lee Marks Memorial                     8:00-12:00                       Claypool

September 7th  American Legion 241                                                     7:30-11:30                      Waynedale / Ft. Wayne

September 8th  Paseka's Annual Makers Mark Night  Party                    8:00-12:00                      Warsaw

September 15th Beamer's Sports Bar                                                     9:30-1:30                        Ft. Wayne-Arcola

September 22nd Navy Club 245                                                              7:00-11:00                       New Haven

September 28th Dupont Bar & Grill                                                         9:30-1:30                        Ft. Wayne

October 27th     Mary Felders Halloween Party                                       8:00-12:00                      Garrett

November 9th    American Legion 241                                                     7:30-11:30                      Waynedale / Ft. Wayne

November 10th   Wacky Jac's                                                                  9:30-1:30                        Angola

November 21st  Beamer's Nite B 4 Thanksgiving Party                           9:00-1:00                        Ft. Wayne-Arcola

December 8th   Navy Club 245                                                                7:00-11:00                       New Haven


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